Web Promotion and Marketing Work Program (50% Promotion and Marketing Budget)

­čîÉ Business managers who want a Web Promotion and Marketing Study Program: You can both promote and market immediately by creating and using a digital presence for your business.

We support you by launching your website as quickly as possible and spending the majority of the total budget on advertising and promotion. ÔťĘ

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Ôťů Digital Identity Development: While creating the face of your business in the digital world, we produce designs that reflect the spirit and vision of your brand.

­čöž Installation & Technical Studies: Are you going to start from scratch? Don’t worry, installation and on-site technical adjustments are our job!

­čÄĘ UI/UX Graphics: Your user experience and design will be strong enough to impress your visitors and convert them into customers.

­čŤá´ŞĆ Business-Specific Software Studies: Exactly solutions for your business with 5 hours of productive working time allocated for your business-specific software needs.

­čôŁ Content Production: We feature you in search engines with 3 original contents that are SEO compatible.

­čöŹ Basic SEO and Acceleration: Your search engine-friendly site will be one step ahead of your competitors with acceleration settings.

ÔÜÖ´ŞĆ Basic Digitalization Settings: We give your site a corporate structure with basic adjustments that will strengthen your place in the digital world.

­čĽĺ Start Receiving Conversions in 14 Business Days: If time is valuable to you, we complete your project within 23 business days and present it to your service.

­čöä Revised VN─░S: We aim for perfection by revising your project with 5 hours of productive net working hours (VN─░S) (you can read what VN─░S is at the bottom of the description).

­čĄŁ Meeting/Training: We are with you at every stage of your project with our 2-hour special meetings and training sessions.

Quality with VNIS Guarantee: By using a total of 30 hours of VNIS, we make sure that every minute adds value to your business. We maximize efficiency by focusing on the quality of work, not just time. ­čÄ»

Senior Manager (2%) & Manager (4%): We are with you when making strategic decisions.
Expert (31%) & Senior Master (35%): Quality service with our professional teams in their field.
Senior Associate (16%) & Collaboration (8%): We work collaboratively with you every step of the way.

­čÜÇ Result: With the “Professional and Corporate Web Design” package we offer as Adapte Digital, we quickly highlight your business in the digital arena and do not compromise on quality while protecting your budget. Come on, join us on your digital transformation journey and experience the difference! ­čîč

Contact us now and take the first step to becoming a shining star in the digital world! ­čĺ╝­čôł

What is VNIS?

VNIS (Efficient Net Working Hour) is a concept that effectively explains Adapte Digital’s work schedule hours. This concept expresses how much of the time employees spend at work is actually devoted to productive work.

­čîč Activity Measurement: VNIS measures not the entire time the employee spends at his desk, but the time spent actively and focused on work within this time.

­čÄ» Focus on Quality: Rather than the quantity of work, the quality of the work and the success of its results are important.

ÔĆ│ Exclusion of Breaks and Interruptions: When calculating productive net work hours, breaks, social conversations and activities unrelated to work are not included.

­čôł Performance Management: This concept is used in performance management to help analyze how productive an employee or team is.

­čÜÇ Increase in Productivity: Increasing productive net working hours is directly proportional to improving processes and increasing employee motivation.

ÔĆ░ Time Management: Productive net work hours can be used as an indicator of the success of time management at individual and corporate levels.

­čŚô´ŞĆ Calendar and Planning Activities: The time employees devote to job-specific tasks and how effective they are during this time can be monitored with calendar and planning tools.

The aim of this concept is to improve the quality of time spent at work and to improve the overall efficiency and performance of employees and companies by minimizing wasted time.

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Web Promotion and Marketing Work Program (50% Promotion and Marketing Budget)

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    Web Promotion and Marketing Work Program (50% Promotion and Marketing Budget)

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